Class 4

Apply for heavy vehicle learner licence


What to take to the driver licensing agent


Application form


Evidence of your address

Confirmation of change of name

Eyesight certificate or correcting lenses

Medical certificate

Means of payment


The approved courses for heavy vehicle classes are aligned with unit standards on the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) framework. If you successfully complete a course, you have the opportunity to have the standard you've achieved count towards a national certificate as well as a driver license.


Participants must hold a Class 4 Learner (4L) Driver Licence to attend this course.

Complete the approved NZTA licencing course for full Licence.

The course is  includes:

I)  Classroom theory sessions (to enable achievement of mandatory unit standards) and

II)  Practical in-vehicle driving assessment.

Candidates are required to:

 i) Study the Handbook and complete a pre-learn prior to attending the course, demonstrate an understanding of related legislative acts and the information contained in the Handbook required to obtain the Class 4 full Licence.

ii) Record this information in an assessment schedule.


 Theory section:  

I) Demonstrate knowledge of driver licensing requirements for Class2 or 4 or 3 or 5 Full Licence
II) Demonstrate knowledge of driving hours law and complete driving hour logbook. 
III) Complete an assessment paper and fill in logbook page covering 5 days from scenario supplied.

 course participants are trained and assessed against two NZQA unit standards:

 24089 - Demonstrate knowledge of driving hours law ,Fatigue Management and complete driver logbook

17576 - Demonstrate knowledge of driver licensing requirements for Class 4 full Licence


 Practical Assessment 

(all the required Training will be given)

Unit No. 17574 (class2), 17575 (Class 3), 17576 (Class 4), 17577 (Class 5) Driver Licence requires you to have knowledge and skills to:

i)      Inspect a heavy rigid motor vehicle for legal compliance.
ii)     Drive a heavy motor vehicle in different traffic and road conditions.
iii)    Manoeuvre a heavy rigid vehicle in reverse.
iv)     Park and secure a heavy rigid vehicle.
v)      To maintain a driving hours logbook .

When you've completed the course, take your course certificate to a New Zealand Transport Agency driver licensing agent and apply for a full license.


The relevant course unit standards are:

Course Unit standards
Class 2 17574 (Class 2) and 24089* (fatigue management, work time and logbooks)
Class 3 17575 (Class 3) and 24089*
Class 4 17576 (Class 4) and 24089*
Class 5 17577 (Class 5) and 24089*

*Required unless successfully completed within the previous 12 months with an approved driver licensing course provider.

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